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Marco Indigo

Marco Indigo is a fun corner shop startup selling ice cream in cones.  They are all about subverting the expectations of what you might find in the average ice cream shop. 

They wanted to bring a new sense of mystery to the shop attracting, not only kids, but also young adults. They want their customers to be surprised; having the ice creams as the main stage. 

To create this, we were encouraged by the thought of mystery and excitement.

With these ideas in mind, we chose a more vibrant palette of colors than a normal ice cream shop would use. We wanted to use shades of purple and dark turquoise to produce that sense of mystery and, at the same time, fun.

For MARCO INDIGO  we created: the brand identity view (colors, typefaces, etc.),  the logo, the business card design, the flyer design, and the employee uniform (T-Shirt and Cap).

Project for Brainnest Graphic Design Training Program

eating ice cream.jpg

Logo created By: 


-Brainnest Teamember

eating ice cream 2.jpg
Bifold Menu 2.jpg
T-Shirt Mockup 2.jpg
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