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Crystalline Rose

Crystalline Rose is a High End international beauty company specialising in the sale of skincare related products. They are inspired by women and want to empower them to feel beautiful, confident and luxurious.

To create the brand we were encouraged by the thought of striking and powerful women, and at the same time as feminine and soft.

With these ideas in mind, we decided to create a brand that women could look up to for these things. 

For the Brand we created: the brand identity view (colors, typefaces, etc.),  the logo,  2 label designs for products of their new collection, IG posts and Carrousels, and email to showcase their new 'Red Rose Collection'.

Project for Brainnest Graphic Design Training Program


Logo created By:

Melika Rezaei

Template 1 Products (Carrousel).jpg
Template 1 Products (Carrousel).jpg

First email draft created by:

 Melika Rezaei and

Ali Turgut 

Phone C.png
Laptop Mockup 1.png
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